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Theresa I've been using Avast on several platforms and it's great for my marketing business needs.

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guest Would be nice if they could ever fix the problem with the UI crashing

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Guest #33343344

Guest #33343344 No competitor is near.

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Tanka Hm.. What about NOD32? McAfee?

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Guest #33343344

Guest #33343344 Since last 15 years I have tried so many security programs (paid and free ones), but now I have found the best. It is Avast, Internet Security.

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kazem0631 AV is very powerful!

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Kaye Dykes Duke

Kaye Dykes Duke I can't see enough to tell - it's too small. And you won 't enlarge it for me. Therefore the program is getting four stars instead of five.

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Guest I am really happy to use Avast internet security.

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aasim fast and cheap and good security solution,i love this

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Jason Gaya

Jason Gaya 1 and 2 - I do not know much about this multiprocess thing for different tabs, but wouldn't that draw more resources if each tab exists as a separate web browser essentially?

3 - I want control over my programs which would requirebuttons with which to accessoptions. It may be from the great and powerful Google but I still want all choices to be mine.

4 - Okay, that would a nice feature to have, to add search engines, but I would not want it automate, again, all choices on my computer should ultimately be mine.

5 - Firefox 3 can do exactly what "other browsers require third-party add-ons to provide this capability," without any add-ons.The general tab in the options menu.

6 - I would not need nor want a dynamic homepage myself, but I am sure many do and cannot say this would be bad, confusing/annoying at times possibily, but that would be a person-to-person thing.

7 - This does not seem to greatly impact one's browsing experience so I can find nothing possibly wrong with this feature, beyond some possible ethical issues, but that would again be person-to-person and can be dealt with by parental-filters.

In regards to reasons to not like Chrome:

1 - Very true, a great deal of work can be done before the final release so it can and hopefully will.

2 - Give it time and add-ons will come.

3 - This is the first beta and synchronization would be nothing to be added before or with the final release.

4 - Text formatting may be changable (I would guess) with add-ons or future options.

5 - I cannot defend this one, Google will most likely want to track you, but who knows, that may change.

6 - Something some could get use to and could be fixed before the final release.

7 - Again, could be added before the final release.


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rohit it is best for my pc as also protects it from web hazards

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John My webcam Driver is missing. I have an Acer Aspire 7551. I have installed Microsoft Life-cam but it doesn't seem to recognize my Crystal Eye, and I can't find the cam in the device manager.

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Guest it is user friendly.

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Guest It's really powerful

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Guest I work on a lot of platforms, but keep bringing files back to Windows for one reason: Kedit.
Super program ... thanks for the good times, Mansfield.

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Guest It is convenient, easy and useful.
Thanks to the team

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