avast! Internet Security

avast! Internet Security 21.11

Provides advanced protection for your online activity

Avast Internet Security is more than a typical anti-virus, it’s a complete package of programs designed to protect you from any harmful actions on your computer. It will dramatically reduce the risk of being infected by viruses and malware, that might damage your computer.

The Avast Internet Security firewall will protect your computer from unauthorized access. Firewall options can be set depending on the risk zone to home, work or public. Another line of defense is represented by the real-time shields. A file system shield scans every executable, script or libraries when executed or loaded by windows. The mail shield, web shield, IM shield will scan your e-mails and any downloaded files from your browser and instant messenger. As you might know, the most likely way to get a virus is from downloading a torrent, but with avast! Internet Security you don’t have to worry about this risk, because you will have such P2P (peer to peer) shield monitors applications as Kazaa, Bit Torrent, uTorrent, eMule and others. The network and script shield monitor the traffic and stop any viruses or hidden scripts from infecting your computer.

Another great feature is the Avast SafeZone technology that will allow you to install and test any suspicious application on a virtual desktop that isolates your system from possible treats. The virus signature database ensures that you are protected against the latest known threats that could potentially harm your machine.

Avast Internet Security offers protection against any virus, Trojan, malware, spyware that could harm your computer, and can even block the latest threats.

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